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What is the Arts Award?

The Arts Award is an exciting and creative way to develop artistic and leadership skills. Girlguiding Cumbria South will help you achieve this at five levels: Discover, Explore, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

This nationally recognised qualification is administered by Trinity College London. Here is a link to their website:

There are four components at each level:

  • You take part in the arts and show how your skills have improved
  • You experience an arts event as a member of the audience
  • You research an artist or a craftsperson
  • You pass on your arts skills to others


All About the Arts Award

So what counts as “arts”? Anything that’s creative, really:

Animation, batik, costume making, drumming, embroidery, illustration, musical instruments, photography, sculpture, tapestry, watercolours – as long as you use your imagination and your creative skills to make something it’s art!

How do you go about this? Your unit leader will invite one of Cumbria South’s Arts Award advisers to come in and work with you to plan and develop your project. You create an exciting portfolio of your work in which you show how your skills have developed throughout your project. Your portfolio can be in writing or digital, or maybe you’d prefer to record it on video – whatever is easiest for you.

Arts Award Levels

When can you do which Arts Award level?

Arts Award Discover is usually done at Rainbows, often with the entire unit. Several units have used a “Discover in a Day” package, some of them on a sleepover weekend.

The same applies to Arts Award Explore and Brownies.

Arts Award Bronze tends to be done by Guides, in most cases over several weeks. The four components could then pan out like this:

  • Take Part in an arts or crafts activity for the entire unit – maybe you’d like to explore needle felting, or attend a Bollywood dance workshop, or make fashion jewellery?
  • Experience an arts event, again, often with the entire unit – fancy going to your local panto?
  • Research an Artist – that could be a local artist who visits your unit, or you could independently find out more about somebody who really inspires you.
  • Pass on your arts skills to others – as a Guide, you might like to show some of your local Rainbows how to draw animals, or how to make a collage, or how to do your favourite ballet moves.

Arts Award Silver for Guides is similar, although the activities need a little more depth. Taking part often means developing a skill over time, and you will explore what you have learned from Experiencing an arts event. Researching an artist allows you to meet a local artist and find out what they are doing, or learning about a famous person in your favourite field of art. Finally, Passing on your arts skills is a fabulous opportunity to teach others in your unit or younger girls.

Arts Award Gold is intended for those aged 16 – 25, although you could start it when you are a little younger.

  • In Unit A you extend your own arts practice, for example if you are already a good photographer you might want to learn how to frame and display your pictures. You also find out about current developments in the Arts world, and you participate in a number of events, generally over several weeks.
  • In Unit B you plan, prepare and run an arts event, for example a fashion show or a play. Gold is particularly attractive to young leaders or fully fledged unit leaders because they have a captive audience for all this leadership work.

For Bronze, Silver and Gold you have close support from your personal Arts Award adviser – so help and encouragement is always at hand! Contact the county arts advisor to get started on your arts award journey.

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