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Information for Leaders in Training

Thank you for becoming a Leader in Training with Girlguiding Cumbria South!

Your Leadership Qualification

To be an assistant leader, you will need to complete modules 1 to 3 of your Leadership Qualification book, or modules 1-4 to be a unit leader.

Your mentor

Throughout your period of training you?ll have the support of a knowledgeable mentor, your commissioner, and other leaders within your unit leadership team and at local leader meetings. Your mentor will be from another unit, and ideally you should arrange to meet at least once every half term to look through your book, tick off what you?ve achieved, review your progress and set new goals. Any member, however, may sign your book when a clause is completed.

Completing your Leadership Qualification

The majority of what you will need to know can be found on the Girlguiding website or in the latest edition of The Guiding Handbook. Please also refer to the ?helpful notes? in the pink boxes of your Leadership Qualification book.

Leader training

In addition, look out for opportunities to attend trainings. These are advertised in our monthly Cumbria South e-newsletter from Sue Gudgeon, our website and in our ?Girlguiding Cumbria South Members? Facebook group.

Essential trainings for the Leadership qualification are:

  • Programme training
  • 1st Response
  • A Safe Space levels 1 and 2 (plus level 3 later for those doing module 4)
  • GO (?Guiding Organiser? our membership database)
  • Accounts & gift aid (for module 4)

When you go to a training, wear uniform if you have it and take your Leadership Qualification book along so you can ask your trainer to sign the clauses that they have covered.

Evidence for verification

Once your mentor agrees that you have finished the modules, and has signed them off on page 39 of your book, it?ll be sent to our county Leadership Coordinator.

Please double-check that you have included all the necessary evidence:

  • Fully completed ?useful information? list on page 1 (update if new people take on any of the listed roles)
  • Completed ?safety and unit administration checklist? on pages 42 and 43
  • Certificates from county trainings you have attended
  • An agenda (on which you have made notes) of a district/division leaders? meeting that you have attended
  • A poster, news article/advert (printed or online) or photograph to show how you?ve let the local community know about guiding activities
  • The county budgeting exercise or budgeting calculations for an event of your own, and/or unit accounts for one term recorded in either Girlguiding?s downloadable Unit Accounts Pack – which sets the minimum standard – or a more advanced form of book-keeping (for module 4)
  • A term?s programme, either by filling in the grid on page 45, or in whatever format your unit leadership team uses. This should show:
    • The Five Essentials in action (please indicate where each occurs in your programme)
    • A balance of the six programme themes
    • Evidence of unit planning time in which the girls choose activities
    • Opportunities for girls to learn about the next section in order to continue their guiding journey
    • An activity in which the unit participates with members of another section
    • Evidence of the whole unit leadership team being involved in the carrying out of the programme

You don?t need to write much at all for your Leadership qualification, but it is useful to outline and review what you did for:

  • Your ?understanding the Promise? activity
  • Your two contrasting activities within the meeting place
  • Your activity away from the meeting place ? you should include a copy of the information part of an ?Information & Consent? form and a risk assessment
  • Your contribution in helping your unit participate in an event with at least one other unit
  • Your contribution to an activity to help raise awareness of guiding and support recruitment (for module 4)

When you send your Leadership Qualification book in, please only include actual evidence of what you have done and need to show.

Please do not include Girlguiding catalogues, leaflets or handouts from trainings.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in contact with Jane Asquith, our County Leadership Coordinator:

Printable version of welcome notes for Leaders in Training (PDF/252KB/2 pages)

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