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So many amazing things happen within our county every week and we want to hear about them!

We love to hear about stories from your units, your events, and everything else that is going on in Guiding across South Cumbria! Submit your stories and events on the following form. Once submitted we will email you back and ask for photographs and to confirm that you have the correct permissions on the photographs that you share with us!

We will then take your stories and share them on our website, on our social media feeds or if appropriate with the local press or wider guiding family.

What to include:

  • A brief overview of your event/activity/unit meeting/story
  • Don’t worry about spelling/grammar etc!
  • Quotes from girls/leaders/parents are always good.
  • Please only include first names.

You can find the latest information on making sure you have the right permissions for the photos you share here: PHOTO PERMISSION INFO

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