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Girlguiding Cumbria South

The Inspiring Volunteers Who Keep Cumbria South Running!

Our County Volunteer Team


Our County Volunteers support all other volunteers and offer a range of exciting opportunities and administrative support to keep Cumbria South the exciting Guiding Community it has always been.

There are a range of roles and volunteer opportunities available within the county and the team is always looking for fresh faces to join and support the team.

From treasurer to badge secretary, outdoor advisor to arts award advisor, whatever your interest there is a role for you!

Below are the current county team and their contact email addresses. To see our county team vacancies and to get involved click here.


Meet Our Inspiring County Team!

Sarah – County Commissioner

Email: countycomm @ girlguidingcumbriasouth.org.uk

Vicki – Assistant County Commissioner

Email: acc @ girlguidingcumbriasouth.org.uk

Jane – Assistant County Commissioner

Email: Leadership @ girlguidingcumbriasouth.org.uk

Fiona – Kendal Commissioner

Email: Kendal @ girlguidingcumbriasouth.org.uk

Rebecca – Barrow Commissioner

Email: Barrow @ girlguidingcumbriasouth.org.uk

Michelle – Duddon Commissioner

Email: Duddon @ girlguidingcumbriasouth.org.uk

Louise – Kent Lune Commissioner

Email: KentLune @ girlguidingcumbriasouth.org.uk

Lindsey C – Lakes Commissioner

Email: Lakes @ girlguidingcumbriasouth.org.uk

Barb – North Lonsdale Commissioner

Email: northlonsdale @ girlguidingcumbriasouth.org.uk

Abigail – Queens Guide Adviser

Email: queensguide @girlguidingcumbriasouth.org.uk

Sam – County Training Adviser

Email: Training @ girlguidingcumbriasouth.org.uk

Lindsey C. – Outdoors Adviser

Email: Outdoors @ girlguidingcumbriasouth.org.uk

Jane – Leadership Coordinator

Email: leadership @ girlguidingcumbriasouth.org.uk

Rachel – County Treasurer

Email: treasurer @ girlguidingcumbriasouth.org.uk

Kate – Inclusion & Diversity Adviser

Email: inclusion @ girlguidingcumbriasouth.org.uk

Sarah – Arts Award Adviser

Email: CountyComm @ girlguidingcumbriasouth.org.uk

Margaret – County GO Adviser

Email: coming soon

Becca – Inspire Co-Ordinator

Email: Inspire @ girlguidingcumbriasouth.org.uk

Lindsey W. – Communications Adviser

Email: PRA @ girlguidingcumbriasouth.org.uk

Leigh – County Badge Secretary

Email:  coming soon

Caroline – International Adviser

Email: international @ girlguidingcumbriasouth.org.uk

Jo – County Rainbow Adviser

Email: Rainbows @ girlguidingcumbriasouth.org.uk

Rebecca – County Brownie Adviser

Email: Brownies @ girlguidingcumbriasouth.org.uk

Sue – County Guide Adviser

Email: Guides @ girlguidingcumbriasouth.org.uk

Kath – County President

Email: countycomm @ girlguidingcumbriasouth.org.uk

 To see our county team vacancies and to get involved click here

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