Hawkshead Brownies Stayed at Chester Zoo for the Largest Sleepover in One Tent.

We were first to arrive at the event in Chester and the tent looked enormous when empty, it soon filled up with lots of excited girls. We all slept in one tent around 1750 girls plus Leaders.

There was a stunning Lantern Parade around the Zoo with the girls carrying a lantern plus animals lit up, the Lion roared to add to the occasion and we had a fantastic time.

After a visit to India Brown Owl brought four outfits for the girls to try on and get a flavour of India, with shoes, jewellery and hair ornaments the girls loved trying them on and learning a little about India. There was also some pretend Henna to paint the intricate patterns of Rangoli

The Brownies also enjoying an evening putting up a tent and having a campfire with a sing song.

Park House is a lovely venue for a Pack Holiday in the heart of the Lake District, the house sleeps 31 in four dormitories. The ideal theme is Beatrix Potter as the house is nearby and the gallery with original paintings is in Hawkshead. For more information go to our web site www.parkhousehawkshead.co.uk

1st Hawkshead Brownies also have a great time canoeing on Coniston with Joint Adventure, the company do all sorts of brilliant outdoor activities, if anyone is staying at Park House do look at their web site.