Curlew Calling! Girlguiding Members & their families are invited to join the very first (and possibly only!!) Virtual Curlew Games!

After the fun, adventure and laughter at our last virtual event we are inviting you to a quirky Olympic themed sports day on 30th May!

No actual sporting ability required!!

Join us on our Facebook group where quirky activities will be posted throughout the day on 30th May and get involved with some of our pre-event activities.

Join the Facebook Group Here:

What will happen on the day?

Check in on the Facebook Group where quirky Olympic themed fun challenges, events & activities will be posted regularly throughout the day. Complete as many or as few as you like, and share your sports adventures with us by posting your completed challenges or photos in the comments of our posts!

If you want to see some of the amazing activities we had at our Virtual Camp to see what types of things happen at these events, just scroll through our social feeds!

We will post a loose schedule a few days before the event & badges will be available to order after the event. Badges will be free for Girlguiding Cumbria South members and there will be a small charge for members outside Cumbria South and any family members who joined in and want a badge!

A quick kit list of useful items will also be available in advance but all activities have been created with little or no equipment in mind. This enables everyone to join in from their own homes with the items around them.

What are the Pre Event Activities?

Join our Facebook Group for full details, but briefly there are three main pre-event challenges

1. Create your own Olympic Village.
2. Create an Olympic Flame using the template provided and then video yourself passing on the Olympic flame. This will then be edited together to be part of our opening ceremony. (Very like the loo roll challenge we created at our virtual camp)
3. Girlguiding Cumbria South has asked its divisions to name and dress a Herdy to be part of a 100 metre Herdy race. Please check in with your commissioners for details on this. This is only for members of Girlguiding Cumbria South only.

Here is the Olympic Flame Template GGCS Virtual Curlew Games Olympic Flame Template

How do I join?

This event is open to any member of Girlguiding and their families. To access the event you need to join the Facebook Group using the link below. You you will be asked some screening questions before being allowed to join. Please do not invite others to the event as it does not ask them the screening questions and we will have to reject them. They can then re-ask to join themselves.

Here is the Facebook Group Link:

Why Curlew Games?

The Curlew Bird is Girlguiding Cumbria South’s County Mascot!