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Community Action

30 days of care challenge

30 days of care planned for June 2019

North Lonsdale Division have devised a unique challenge to support St Mary’s Hospice, Ulverston, as it celebrates 30 years giving care and support in the South Lakes community.

The division has been working with Clare Tonkin, Area Fundraiser for the Hospice, to devise a 30 days of care sponsored challenge to take place throughout June whereby girls and adults are challenged each day to do something caring for themselves, other people at home, in the community or for the environment.

We have  provided a list of challenges/tasks for the girls to choose from each day. The list is by no means exhaustive and it would be lovely to encourage the girls to come up with their own ideas as well. Perhaps have a pow wow at your unit meeting prior to starting the event to discuss ideas.

The packs can be photocopied for the girls in each unit or they can easily be downloaded from 30 days of care challenge.

Take part in the challenge

We have suggested that the girls are sponsored 50p per task and that they try to ask 30 different people to sponsor them.

Leaders may wish to choose a challenge/task to be done in a unit meeting. Maybe organise a litter pick with the girls or make bird feeders  or something else of their choosing.

We hope everyone has fun and, of course, we hope that, together, Girlguiding  Cumbria South can raise lots of money for St Mary’s Hospice.

When the challenge is over the money and sponsor forms  should be sent to Janice Thompson or Janice Lloyd, Lindal Brownies by Monday 8th July. Please contact for further information.

We plan to present a cheque to the Hospice on the evening of Tuesday, 9th July, details to follow.

This is an amazing opportunity for us to make a real difference in the community and to support such a special place as St Mary’s Hospice.

Comfort Bags

Supporting our local hospitals by creating Comfort Bags

What are Comfort bags?

They are handmade bags filled with donations of small toiletries and care items delivered to people who find themselves in hospital with no belongings. Started in Girlguiding Manchester West, this scheme has been hugely successful – by end of 2016 they had donated over 1000 Comfort Bags to their local hospital.

We have been approached by the Bereavement team at University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust to see if Girlguiding Cumbria South could set up a similar comfort bag scheme in our county.

Why the bereavement team?

‘How people die remains in the memory of those who live on’

(Dame Cicely Saunders (founder of the Modern Hospice Movement).

“The Bereavement Nurse’s role is to develop a whole system bereavement pathway for expected and sudden deaths within our hospitals, and to ensure all UHMB staff follow best practice with regards to pre- and post- bereavement care and all patients and families are treated with dignity and respect.

The experience of bereavement can be affected by the way their loved one is cared for, with a poor care experience of their loved one leading to psychological problems for the family coping with their grief. It is vital therefore that we help create good memories as the last days and hours of life are so precious and will be remembered vividly by those witnessing the dying process.

The Bereavement Nurses work in collaboration with other colleagues e.g. hospital staff, Coroner, Coroners Officers, police, funeral directors, registrar’s, hospice’s and other voluntary and charitable agencies. We also reach out to the local community to provide bereavement support for community deaths.” Lindsay Pinch, Bereavement Nurse Specialist.

How does it work?

It’s quite a simple process, units ask parents/local residents etc. for donations of toiletries/care items, make handmade bags for them to go in and take them into the office. Or you could fundraise to buy the travel-sized toiletries (or even talk to your local friendly supermarket/health & beauty retailer to see if they will donate anything)

Items to include in the Comfort Bags:

A comfort bag containing small, travel-sized toiletries will allow families to freshen up whilst being at the hospital for long periods of time:

  • Toothbrush and paste
  • Hand soap
  • Deodorant
  • Small packet of tissues
  • Comb
  • A small Girlguiding card inside the Comfort Bag, so that the recipient knows where it has come from. You can ask each girl to write the card with the following message “Packed especially for you by a (name of unit) Rainbow/Brownie/Guide/Senior Section member”. Recipients have told us that they appreciate the hand-drawn ones.
  • A bag to put them in: size of a 12×8 sponge bag with a draw cord; plain material is preferred.

Useful additional items that can be included:

Small packets of hand or face wipes, cotton buds, nail files etc.

  • Sanitising hand gel
  • Mouthwash
  • Men’s shaving cream and razor (as given out on long haul flights)
  • Eye masks
  • Ear plugs

It is important to check the individual items and the contents of any bags donated, prior to distributing these to the hospital. Sometimes there will be items from hotels that have logos such as “Wash away your cares” or “Smile it’s a beautiful day”, which might not be appropriate.

Large items that you do not think are suitable to take in can be put out at local meetings for members to take for a donation. That money can then be used to purchase items you are short of.

Where you can drop off your comfort bags

Comfort bags can be dropped off at the General Office at either Furness General or Westmorland General Hospitals.

There is a possibility that one of Lindsay’s team could pick up the bags from you if you don’t live near to one of the hospitals. Please contact her to arrange.


Our contact is Lindsay Pinch, Bereavement Nurse Specialist, University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust. Tel: 01524 516071

She has a team of three people who cover the area, and has offered to come along to unit meetings to talk about their work, and how comfort bags could help families visiting their loved ones.

She is happy to set up donation boxes in the unit in both hospitals as well for families/the public to donate items for us to put into bags. We would just need to collect the donations every so often.

They would be grateful for any help we can give them, and value comfort bags as a practical way to support families during a difficult time.

As well as being a great community project, this could be ideal for Senior Section members doing their Queen’s Guide Award/Young Leader Qual. or Leaders in Training doing their Leadership Qual. to coordinate the bags in their district/division.

Some pictures of what’s in bags and the cards to go with them

Items in a comfort bagCards received in comfort bag


Kendal Community Walk

The Kendal Community Walk is an annual walk organised by Kendal Rotary Club. The walk is between Kirkbie Kendal School and Sedgwick, with three routes of varying lengths to choose and gives participants the chance to raise money for their own funds or good causes.

Walk details

All routes start at Kirkbie Kendal School between 1.00pm and 2.00pm on 13 May 2018.

  • Route A: Kirkbie Kendal to Sedgwick and back via Hawes Bridge. Pretty flat with some stiles and possibly slightly muddy. (10.5km – 6.5miles)
  • Route B: Kirkbie Kendal to Hawes Bridge and back. Like route A but a shorter distance perhaps for pre-primary folk (6km – 3.75miles)
  • Route C: Kirkbie Kendal to Watercrook and back. This is a canal path route (no cross-country for those with mobility problems or in wheelchairs (2.5km – 1.6miles)

Kendal Community Walk Order Form (DOC/389KB/1 page)

Download entry and sponsor card

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